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Englewood (2012) Drama, Directed By William Cochran
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Genre: Drama

Runtime: 93 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5448, 824355544824


Boyz In The Hood is transplanted to the modern day Chicago neighborhood of Englewood in William L. Cochran's powerful directing debut. Englewood boldly blends humor, romance, tragedy, and hope in this tale of three friends struggling to get through high school. Amid violence,peer pressure, and family dysfunction, these friends pull through. Dennis,(Cochran) tackles the main role, whose behavior conceals his talents and his new girlfriend sees through his thug exterior. Will her encouragement be enough to steer him past disaster?

Produced By

William Cochran

Directed By

William Cochran


David Cowan, William Cochran, Rodney Harvey, Aayisha Chanel

About the Crew

  • Boyz in the Hood meets Coach Carter.
  • Englewood was placed into three festivals including the San Francisco Black Film Festival, Boston's Roxbury International Film Festival and the Gene Siskel Film Center's 18th Annual Black Harvest Festival.
  • 2012 14th Annual San Francisco Black Film Festival Winner.