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The Exit Row

Own It March 28, 2023

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 91 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5936, 824355593624


Sasha Dade is dedicated to her demanding, yet comfortable life as a wife, mother and advertising executive near the nation's capital. Clint Meyers is a top selling real estate agent and investor who projects sensitivity and charisma but harbors a methodical dark side. Their worlds collide when a chance encounter on a traumatic flight leads to a deadly obsession.

Produced By

Vonnetta Cornish

Directed By

Adiyb Muhammad


Honour Drew, Michael Swidley, Tennyson Harris, Talisha Williams, Shaun Dixon

About the Crew

  • Honour Drew is an actress know for Never Fall in Love (2017), Who Killed Jane Doe (2017), and Sweet Dreams (2021).
  • Shaun Dixon is an actor known for Velvert Jesus (2021) and End of the Road (2022).
  • Tennyson Harris is an actor known for Unplug (2020), Married & Bright (2020), and Black Oaks (2020).