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Box Art for The Eye

The Eye

Own It April 04, 2023

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Runtime: 77 Minutes

UPC: 824355598520, 01:17:23


A group of kids stumble across something unfamiliar, and have no idea of the adventure that awaits them. When the games begin the eye chooses its course.

Produced By

Sonya Johnson, Ayanna Shon, Marc Raby, Marcus King

Directed By

Ayanna Shon


Jamel Herring, Bronsonn Taylor, Rico Shay, Shod Santiago

About the Crew

  • Ayanna launched CBA film studio in her home town, a full-service production company focused on creating original content with a driven focused in green screen music video production. She is known for Put Up or Shut Up (2017), Star the Film (2018), and Christmas Hypnosis (2021).