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Fatal Witness

Own It May 02, 2023

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 71 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5923, 824355592320


As if the dangerous streets of the West side of Chicago were not crazy enough, now there's a serial killer on the loose. Anyone who steps in the way of the Jackson Strangler, ends up as the next victim. When a local club dancer ends up strangled to death and stabbed, the entire city believes it's the Jackson strangler, but only one person truly knows... an unexpected witness that caught it all.

Produced By

Quincy J. Trent

Directed By

Quincy J. Trent


Omar Gooding, Antoine McKay, Brittany Altenbach, Maisha Carter, Simeon Henderson

About the Crew

  • Quincy Trent is a director, writer, and producer known for All for the Money (2019), Death by Envy (2022), and Chi City Undercover (2023).
  • Omar Gooding is an actor known for Baby Boy (2001), Before "I Do" (2016), The Perfect Wife (2017), and 5th Ward (2020).
  • Antoine McKay is an actor known for Empire (2015-2020), Death by Envy (2021), and Spike Lee's South Side (2019-2022).