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Finders Keepers

Own It January 16, 2024

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 73 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6103, 824355610321


Jaylin is a struggling single father trying to support his children and make ends meet. His friend Reg sets him up with a job as a delivery driver, but is still struggling. One day, he and Reg discover a box a pills. Jaylin wants to turn them in, but Reg convinces him to try and sell the pills, as it will help support his family. A gang of thugs begins to descend on them, as the pills are worth more than they originally thought. The decision goes from a risky gamble, to gambling with their lives.

Produced By

Stephen Ashford, Don Griffin

Directed By

Raven Richardson


Bud Bartlow, David Kleckley

About the Crew

  • David Kleckley is known for Two Men in Suits (2007), Divine Unrest (2008) and Filter (2006).