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Fixation 2: Uprising

Own It October 22, 2019

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 70 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5611, 824355561128


Three years after the accused Grant Park killer is released from prison. FBI Agent Dana Malone takes a special interest into the case. She uncovers a murderous secret that takes a mother searching for her daughter in a whole new direction. Agent Malone discovers the real truth behind Samantha's disappearance and how social media plays a big influence.

Produced By

Bobby M. Peoples and Renee Peoples

Directed By

Bobby M. Peoples and Renee Peoples


Jasmine R. Wade, Angelica Pugh, Jaida Standberry

About the Crew

  • Bobby Peoples is a producer, director, and actor known for The Last Assignment, Taboo, Dexter's Guide to Dating and Fixation which is one of Maverick's top performers. Due to many requests for a sequel and the performance of part 1, Maverick Entertainment and The People's Network teamed up and present to you Fixation 2: Uprising.
  • Tobie Famusipe is an actor known for Fatal Attraction (2017), The Confession of a Black Man (2017), and The Perfect Prayer.
  • Nytia Nikole is an actress and director, known for ATL Homicide (2018), Murder Chose Me (2017) and The Christmas Swap (2016).