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Own It February 06, 2018

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 86 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5544, 824355554427


Charles has a secret, and his wife Katherine has no clue about what his unrelenting obsession is. When the clues start to add up, will Katherine do what's right or will she become the fuel that adds to the fire of a citywide manhunt? Or will her daughter have something going on in her life to overshadow everything?

Produced By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples

Directed By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples


Jasmine Wade, Chelseyrai S Standberry, Needa Mya Chambers, Tobie Famusipe

About the Crew

  • Directors Bobby & Renee Peoples Atlanta's independent film power couple. Organizers of the TPN FILM FEST.
  • Tobie Famusipe is an actor known for Fatal Attraction (2017), The Confession of a Black Man (2017), and The Perfect Prayer.
  • Jasmine Wade is an actress, known for Fixation (2017), The Single Life (2015) and Fatal Attraction (2013).
  • Robert D. Watts is an actor known for Loose Screws (2016), Your Worst Nightmare (2017), and No Love Lost (2017).