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For How Much

Own It March 19, 2024

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 92 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6070, 824355607024


Nelson and Justice are childhood friends who seem to compete with each other over everything, but are inseparable. 10 years later, Nelson has some financial problems that he hasn't shared with his wife yet. Justice returns and wants to catch up with his old friend. Justice is wealthy and successful and offers Nelson an opportunity to dig himself out of his financial hole, but with some unusual terms. Nelson risks it all to beat Justice one last time, but For How Much?

Produced By

Mark K. Buddington, Samuel Smith

Directed By

Mark K. Buddington


Samuel Smith, Keshun Freeman, Malan B, Justin Motley, Cassidy Grevious

About the Crew

  • Mark K. Buddington is a director, writer, and producer known for Victoria (2021), Suffocated (2022), Dollhouse (2023) When Girls Ride (2023), and Women of the Jury (2023).
  • Samuel Smith is a writer and actor known for Victoria (2021), Shades of Blue (2017-2018), See You Yesterday (2019), Dollhouse (2023), and Suffocated: Room 2 Breathe (2023).
  • Malan B is an actress known for The Plug (2016), Down 2 Come Up (2019), Bad Blood (2022), and Women of the Jury (2023).