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Forbidden Fruit

Own It May 11, 2021

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 75 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5696, 824355569629


Ladies man and up and coming poker player Ronnie makes a bet with his friend Karey that he can sleep with a popular girl from campus before her. However, things don't go as plan for either of them as the game of Forbidden Fruit plays out a lot different than expected.

Produced By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples

Directed By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples


Nelson J. Davis, Kiara C. Bennett, Terese Atkins

About the Crew

  • Bobby Peoples is a producer, director, and writer known for Taboo (2016), Fixation (2018), Domestic Warfare (2020), and Taboo 2 (2020).
  • Nelson J. Davis is an actor and director known for Secure the Bag (2019), Unwitting Deceit (2020), Ultimatums (2020), and Kingdom Men (2020).
  • Kiara C. Bennett is an actress known for Peace Be Steel (2019), Reindeer Games (2020), and Concealment (2021).