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Frequent Visitors

Own It February 11, 2020

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 114 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5633, 824355563320


Frequent Visitors follows the inner struggles of a female constantly at war with herself; and the confident detective determined to prove his ability. Who will be defeated? Who will conquer?

Produced By

Moe McCoy, Paul Hendricks, Andrea Tyler

Directed By

Moe McCoy


Andrea Tyler, Terence Banks, Moe McCoy

About the Crew

  • Moe McCoy is an actor and producer, known for The Perfect Romance (2017), Weekend in Texas (2017) and Black Cowboy (2019).
  • Terence A. Banks is an actor, known for Hoodfellaz Redux (2017), Ten Miles Back (2017) and Angel Horror Film (2017).
  • Andrea Tyler is an actor and writer known for District (2018) and Black Cowboy (2019).