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Gang Girl

Own It March 23, 2010

Genre: Action

Runtime: 90 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5341, 824355534122


Shakira is a young girl from the Bronx who has joined the neighborhood gang for friendship and protection. But the crimes she commits as part of the gang lead to consequences she isn't willing to face. Forced into the 'Scared Straight' program she meets a former gang leader who begins to show her a different way of life. For Shakira this is just the start down an unlikely road to redemption.

Directed By

Damian Bailey


Anissa Chalmers, Jesenia Bailey, Frances Lozada, Jada S. Louie, Tracy Wilson, Squeaky Moore, Maryam Fatima

About the Crew

  • Jesenia Bailey - Big Wes, We Fall Down.
  • John O. Nelson - Coupled with Love, Death of a B Boy, Doing the L.A. Thing, Gone.