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Hair Love and Racism

Own It January 10, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 87 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5906, 824355590623


Karen grew up heavily influenced by her right-wing family. Her whole life she thought people were treated equally regardless of race. Her new home, city, and boyfriend show her a different reality.

Produced By

Nakia T. Hamilton

Directed By

Nakia T. Hamilton


Krystal Foggie Gardner

About the Crew

  • Nakia T. Hamilton is a writer, director, and producer known for Beautifully Insecure (2017), Secure the Bag (2019), Heart and Soul Food (2022), and Keisha (2022).
  • Krystal Foggie Gardner is an actress known for Freestyle (20100, A Knight in the City (2019), and A Reflection of Evil (2021).
  • Jon Blaq is an actor known for A Christmas Love Story (2019), Murder Chose Me (2019), and The Bridge: Full Circle (2020).