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Hidden Secrets

Own It May 21, 2024

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 76 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6092, 824355609226


In this captivating drama anthology, secrets unravel within eight unique stories. In a diverse world, characters from various walks of life confront hidden truths, connections, and sparking unexpected consequences. With each tale offering a glimpse into private lives, viewers are left questioning motives, trust, and morality.

Produced By

Kel Davis, JL Anderson Jr.

Directed By

Kel Davis


Jet Thomas, Isaiah Finley, Vincent Ajaegbu, JL Anderson Jr.

About the Crew

  • Kel Davis is a director, actor and producer. After graduating from Prairie View A&M where he studied acting, Kel got many opportunities to lend his services to different churches and community outreach programs where he was able to teach acting and other skills to aspiring youth in the community. As Kel aspired to embark on his career goals, with the film industry being in his sight, he was able to be a part of many different projects in the city where he began to learn how to widen his prospective by having the ability to shoot his first short film called Split Decision. He would go on to shoot several other projects like Through the Eyes of a Killer, Remember Tomorrow, and Blue Fate just to name a few. One of his greatest experiences he has to date is when he had the opportunity to work on the set of Queen of the South. As he continues to learn and grow in the business, he plans to bring more stories that continues to push the culture into the future.