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The House Guest

Own It February 02, 2021

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 82 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5667, 824355566727


A young married couple moves in a female childhood friend who the wife hasn't seen in years. Slowly the house guest starts seducing the ones around her and people start dying. Can anyone stop her before it's too late?

Produced By

Jonathn Milton, Johnnard Harper, O'Kia Anderson

Directed By

Jonathn Milton


Tamekia Madison, D'Kia Anderson, JD Laguerre†

About the Crew

  • Jonathan Milton is a writer, director, and producer known for The Foreign Exchange Student (2018), The Perfect Wife (2019), and Behind Closed Doors (2020).
  • DíKia Anderson is an actress known for TV roles such as Lethal Weapon (2017), Bosch (2017), Greys Anatomy (2018), and movies such as The Undershepherd (2012) and No More Mr. Nice Guy (2018).
  • JD Laguerre is an actor known for A Gangland Love Story (2010), Rent a Car (2010), Bedfellas (2017), and Do's and Don'ts of Dating (2020).