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Humanity's End

Own It September 01, 2009

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Runtime: 84 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5320, 824355532029


In the future humans will become extinct and hybrid races will begin to take over the universe. The year is 2820: An ancient race of aliens, known as the Nephilim, have systematically hunted down and destroyed every human in the galaxy. A semi-retired starship captain, Derasi Vorde, returns from the outer rim to find he is the last man alive. Together with his hapless crew, and his old beaten starship, The Blue Whale, Derasi is entrusted with caring for a young woman, who holds the key to repopulating the human race. As the entire Nephilim warfleet chases the Blue Whale across the galaxy, Derasi learns that he must become the one thing he despises; a great leader, and the savior to all mankind. The true love of his life, The Blue Whale, holds a dark secret, and Derasi discovers that many close to him cannot be trusted.

Directed By

Neil Johnson


Jay Laisne, Rochelle Vallese, Cynthia Ickes, William David Tulin

About the Crew

  • Jay Laisne - Victim of Circumstance, Change Your Life!.
  • Rochelle Vallese - Life on Mars, More Money, More Family.
  • Peta Johnson - 'Animalia'.
  • 'Humanity's End - Best B-Movie of Next Year' (Annalee Newitz from