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Hurricane in the Rose Garden

Own It October 20, 2009

Genre: Family, Drama

Runtime: 84 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5311, 824355531121


When a difference in culture leaves his Nigerian family and his headstrong bride at odds Joseph is left to smooth things over. But now an unexpected visit by his mother leaves everything in complete disarray. Will her demand for a grand child be the last straw that forces this newlywed couple to break family ties?

Directed By

Ime N. Etuk


Pascal Atuma, Tanji Miller, Aloma Wright, Hakeem Kae Kazim, Karri Turner, Oris Erhuero, Tanjareen Martin

About the Crew

  • Pascal Atuma - Only in America, My American Nurse
  • Tangi Miller - Madea's Family Reunion, 'Felicity', Love... & Other 4 Letter Words
  • Aloma Wright 'Scrubs', The Gospel, Love... & Other 4 Letter Words
  • Oris Erhuero - 'The Adventures of Sinbad', Sometimes in April
  • Hakim Kae Kazim '24', Pirates of the Caribbean, Hotel Rwanda
  • Tanjareen Martin- Johnson Family Vacation, Love for Sale
  • Director Ime N. Etuk was the assistant director on Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling, The Longshots, and Hair Show
  • In the vein of Tyler Perry, comes Hurricane in the Rose Garden, an excellent filmed movie with rising stars.