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I Am Woman

Own It December 12, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5994, 824355599428


When Josie movies in with her foster family, she catches the eye of the husband. A struggle begins as she tries to expose him, while breaking the trust of the only person that has ever cared for her.

Produced By

David Skato

Directed By

David Skato


Elisha Roberts, Larry Johnson,

About the Crew

  • David Skato is an American film producer and started his career in independent film making where he learned the ropes by performing every job on and off the film set. From producing, directing, writing, casting, lighting, and distributing, David became synonymous in Mississippi with the word filmmaker. David Skato now resides in Los Angeles CA, where he produces, writes, and directs feature films.