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Box Art for I Used to Love Her 10 Years Later

I Used to Love Her 10 Years Later

Own It November 02, 2017

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 70 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5559,


I Used to Love Her 10 years later takes us into the lives of Ramadan and Simee. They're now corporate executives of one of the most powerful independent labels in the music business. However, the major labels are on a mission to destroy all independent labels because they feel completion is a sin. They give Ramadan the option of selling his company to them or face death. These six episodes are about murder, sex, scandal and betrayal.

Produced By

Mark Harris

Directed By

Mark Harris


Mel Robinson, Tiffany Addison, Simeon Henderson, Corey Hendrix, Jose Santiago

About the Crew

  • Simeon Henderson (Terrance) has worked on blockbuster hits such as 'Barbershop II', 'War of the Worlds', 'Even Trade', 'Caught in the Game', and a host of other movies and national commercials.
  • Mel Roberson - Just seen in 'Jump In: The Movie'.


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