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Own It January 24, 2023

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 82 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5908, 824355590821


When Danielle's family put her out for being rebellious, she is offered refuge at the best friend Tomeka's house with her mother. Things quickly go from a helping hand to a game of survival as Tomeka's mother comes up with a plan to help her family with the money issues that have helped them in the past. And all those who are not blood-related are in grave danger. Will Danielle let history repeat itself, or will she be in for the fight of her life?

Produced By

Bobby M. Peoples & Renee Warren-Peoples

Directed By

Bobby M. Peoples, Renee Warren-Peoples


Socorro Jones, Dejia McCowan, Rachi Herring, Renee Warren-Peoples

About the Crew

  • Bobby Peoples is a producer, director, and writer known for Taboo (2016), Fixation (2018), Domestic Warfare (2020), and Dirty Little Secret (2022).
  • Rachi Herring is an actress known for Only girl in the world (2021), Pimpstress (2022), and Coming Home for Christmas (2022).