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Iron Soldier

Own It September 06, 2011

Genre: Action

Runtime: 76 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5370, 824355537024


Scientists have created a robot that promises to be a powerful weapon for the U.S. Military's combat. However, a group of renegades break into the base in hopes to steal the metal solider. Now, the U.S. Armed Forces must devise a plan to prevent the robot from ending up in the hands of a foreign power and put a stop to the enemy from taking power over America.

Directed By

Brett Kelly


Joe Estevez, Derick Fage, Brianna Barnes, Jasmine Elizabeth Bowen

About the Crew

  • In the vein of mega hit IRON MAN.
  • Joe Estevez - younger brother of Martin Sheen and uncle of Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.
  • Derick Fage - named one of Ottawa's top 50 personalities by Ottawa Life Magazine, co-host of 'Daytime Ottawa' on Rogers TV 22.
  • Brianna Barnes - successful Canadian model and TV-personality, host of the world famous travelling show 'Globe Trekker'.