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Just Caught a Body

Own It August 15, 2023

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 73 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5955, 824355595529


Deeply indebted gambling addict, Curtis, decides to steal from drug dealer, Vic, to pay off his debts. Curtis then tries to leave town with his girlfriend Sasha, but things go completely awry when Vic confronts them before they can skip town.

Produced By

Jeff Profitt

Directed By

Jeff Profitt


Michael Cruse, Summer Wai, Chanel Collins, Jeff Profitt, Tuckeya Robinson, Brandi Seaton

About the Crew

  • Jeff Profitt is an actor, director, and producer known for Queen of the Trap House (2021), Deceitful Tendencies (2022), and Getting to the Plug (2023).
  • Michael Cruse is an actor known for Getting to the Plug (2023), Keisha Takes the Block (2023),and Choppa City Queens (2023).