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Just in Time for the Holidays

Own It November 07, 2023

Genre: Drama, Holiday

Runtime: 86 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6060, 824355606027


Lawyer and widowed father of three, Allen, struggles to piece his life back together, while managing both roles of being a parent. Allen will receive the help he so desperately needs just in time for the holidays.

Produced By

Ayanna Shon, Sonya Johnson, Marcus King

Directed By

Ayanna Shon


Bronsonn Taylor, Braxton Richburg, Jashawn Colston

About the Crew

  • Ayanna launched CBA film studio in her home town, a full-service production company focused on creating original content with a driven focused in green screen music video production. She is known for Put Up or Shut Up (2017), Star the Film (2018), Christmas Hypnosis (2021), The Eye (2023), and blood or Not (2023).
  • Bronsonn Taylor is an actor known for Triple D Revenge (2021), Buried In Barstow (2022), Broken Seeds (2023), and Heaux Phase (2023).