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Kamo Lyfe

Own It April 05, 2022

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 81 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5818, 824355581829


Friends are lost, lines are crossed, and family is formed when an all-black hiking group treks through Arizona.

Produced By

Lauren Dorsey, Marcel Dorsey, Tonya Dorsey, Kevin Russell

Directed By

Marcel Dorsey


Donna F. Gray, Noreana Denise Johnson, Ronald Jones, Kevin Russell, Jamaal Thomas

About the Crew

  • Marcel Dorsey is a Writer, Director, who strives to create images that are built with creativity but are dipped in professionalism. A finalist and winner in several film festivals such as the 2003 Hollywood Black Film festival and 2020 Greater Cleveland Urban Festival, Dorsey writes, edits, shoots, directs, and produces his films.