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Kingdom Men

Own It March 16, 2021

Genre: Inspirational, Drama

Runtime: 74 Minutes

UPC: 824355566321, MAV-5663


Pastor Gerald's job is on the line if he doesn't increase the attendance of the men in the church. He decides to have a men's retreat hoping it will fix everything. Little did he know that he's in for the fight of his life. He realizes God didn't call him to increase the men at the church but help them.

Produced By

Nakia T. Hamilton

Directed By

Nakia T. Hamilton


Joshua T. Shipman, Nelson J. Davis, Ian Davis, Clifton Pearsall, Ty Respus

About the Crew

  • Nakia T. Hamilton is a writer, director, and producer known for Beautifully Insecure (2017), Secure the Bag (2019), Let Go and Let God (2019), Dear Younger Me (2020), and Complexions (2020).
  • Joshua T. Shipman is an actor known for Drowning (2016), A Family Betrayal (2018), and Harriet (2019).
  • Nelson J. Davis is an actor known for Misconstrued (2016),) Secure the Bag (2019), Unwitting Deceit (2020) and Protégé (2020).