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The Kissing Bandit

Own It October 18, 2022

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 118 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5873, 824355587326


After some bedroom issues, Dale Saunders, get kicked to the curb by his wife. One stormy night to his delight, a gorgeous redhead in distress shows up at his new pad and rekindles his lost lust. While she promises to fulfill his secret sexual fantasy, she prowls at night making the same promise to other men she seduces and rips-off with the help of an accomplice. When the media warns the public, Atlanta is swept with Kissing Bandit fever.

Produced By

Shelley Lynch, Honey Rothschild

Directed By

The Horne Brothers


Nina Nicole, Jevon Dewar

About the Crew

  • Nina Nicole is an actress known for The Sun will Rise (2006), Life 101: Angel's Secret (2009), and Between Love and a Hard Place (2012).