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The Last Assignment

Own It February 09, 2016

Genre: Action

Runtime: 79 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5509, 824355550924


When a government assassin is asked to do one last hit before retiring for good, he finds himself befriending the target and falling in love with the target's wife and sister. When the agency finds out that he may not execute the mission as planned, it becomes a game of cat and mouse as he decides the fate of his new friend and the woman he truly loves.....who also has a dark secret.

Produced By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples

Directed By

Bobby Peoples & Renee Peoples


Courtney Nichole, Derex Moore, Troy Bland, Embri Ocha

About the Crew

  • Actor Courtney Nichole has appeared on talk show 'The Real'.
  • Actor Troy Bland - Best known for his role in the movie Atlanta Heat.
  • Actor Keon Black best known at Atlanta's best personal trainer.
  • Directors Bobby & Renee Peoples Atlanta's independent film power couple. Organizers of the TPN FILM FEST.
  • 'The Last Assignment' The first in the action trilogy from creators Bobby and Renee Peoples that brings fourth the epic tail of lies and betrayal of one of the worlds most secret government agencies.