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Loose Screws

Own It August 08, 2017

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Runtime: 100 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5535, 824355553529


When Cory gets put out for cheating he ends up living with his cousin Lance who just broke up with his gold digging girlfriend. Thinking they will be some female magnets the two can't get a decent date to save their lives until they find RIGHTMATCH.COM

Produced By

Omar Rogers and Jaduan Hogan

Directed By

Omar Rogers


Omar Rogers, Jaduan Hogan, Rodney Perry, Robert D. Watts

About the Crew

  • Omar Rogers is an actor and director, known for Loose Screws (2016), Spooked (2017) and The Struggle (2017).
  • Rodney Perry is a writer and actor known for many films 'Johnson Family Vacation' (2004), 'Madea's Big Happy Family' (2011), 'Mr. Right' (2015), 'Conflict of Interest' (2017) and many more.
  • Donna Bey is an actress known for 'Dysfunctional' (2014), 'No Filter the Film' (2015), and 'Rabidus' (2016).
  • Darone Okolie is an actor known for 'Lila & Eve' (2015), 'The Last Punch' (2016), and 'Making Moves' (2017).