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The Love App

Own It February 07, 2023

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Runtime: 75 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5892, 824355589221


Rachel is a promising young woman getting over a recent breakup while her friend signs her up for a dating app unbeknownst to her. She is presented three blind dates to choose from. Little does she know, one of them is a serial killer.

Produced By

Marquand Ragland, Matthew Smith, Eric Hyunh, Lawrence Moore

Directed By

Amiri Thompson


Aleshia Price, Tyrell Munn, Avery Lucas

About the Crew

  • Marquand Ragland is a director, cinematographer, and producer known for Take me to Amazing (2022), The Christmas Spirit (2022), and Monogamish (2023).
  • Amiri Thompson is an actor, writer, and director known for Drowning (2016), Crossover (2020), and The Christmas Spirit (2022).
  • Tyrell Munn is an actor known for Kingdom Men (2020), Her Happy Place (2020), and Take Me to Amazing (2022).