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Own It April 18, 2023

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 104 Minutes

UPC: 824355598124, 01:44:26


When independent drug dealer, Buttons, learns his girlfriend used to be his competitor, T Bones, longtime side chick, and believes they might still be messing around, it's on. T Bones' family is strong and makes sure no one crosses them by any means.

Produced By

Joseph L. Smith, John Hopson

Directed By

Joseph L. Smith


Joseph L. Smith, Harry Fitzgerald, Tamika Drummond, Josh Andrew

About the Crew

  • Joseph L Smith is director/author who has published 3 urban novels. Da Family Loyalty is Everything, Da Family Rise of a Queen, and Da Family If You Not With Me You Against Me. Loyalty, who he stars in, was inspired by his first book.