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Own It July 11, 2023

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 83 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5953, 824355595321


Mo, a young woman growing up in the trenches of an urban neighborhood, faces drugs, crime, violence, and poverty. All become driving factors that will test Mo's decision to rise above her circumstances as danger grows beyond her control.

Produced By

Allana De'Nai, Harold Jay Trotter, Kalvin Kosha

Directed By

Allana De'Nai


Allana De'Nai, Kalvin Kosha, Bruce Zelaya, Corrigan Coleman, Jasmin Garlic

About the Crew

  • Allana De’Nai is an actress and producer known for Behind Closed Doors (2020), Love & Coffee (2021), and Induced (2022).
  • Corrigan Coleman is an actor known for One Way Out (2019), Far Play (2022), and Deception (2022).
  • Bruce Zelaya is an actor known for Red Flags (2022), Mahogany (2023), and H-Town (2023).