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Malicious Intent

Own It July 17, 2018

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5554, 824355555424


Six years after the murder of Attorney Calvin James, life has moved on and his daughter, Christina, now runs the family firm. The two individuals responsible for the death of attorney James have altered their identities and have moved on with their lives assuming the incident is a thing of the past. Approaching the anniversary of the murder, Attorney James' illegitimate son surfaces and is seeking to stake his claim to his late father's fortune. As emotions begin to run high and tempers flare it appears that no one is safe, and that all parties involved have agendas of retribution, financial gain and closure. When the pot gets stirred, who can you trust? Your family? Your friends? Or no one?

Produced By

Chanel Ware, Karim Shyllon, Michael L. Buie and Schelle Purcell

Directed By

Karim Shyllon


Shane T. Hill, Connie McCoy, George Anjorin, Charles Tamon, Lakeisha Coffey, Jamal Farrar, Christie Goss, Donnell Millsaps, Keith Kittrelle, Kourtney Taylor

About the Crew

  • Karim Shyllon is a director and producer known for Good Friday (2014), Two Wrongs (2015).
  • Michael Lee Buie is known for his work on Gospel Good, Gospel Bad, Gospel Ugly (2012), Daddy Issues: Dark Secrets (2015) and My Sister's Keeper: Death Wish (2017).
  • George Anjorin is an actor who has made appearances in Being Mary Jane (2015), Fatal Attraction (2015), Offer and Compromise (2016), and Adam and Eve (2016).
  • Schelle Purcell is known for her work on Two Wrongs (2015).