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Maya's Soul

Own It September 19, 2006

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 118 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5165, 824355516524


Maya took her good life for granted until the day a fire destroyed her home and her faith. Maya awakes up from a coma to find out her mother died in the fire. Her mother's death shatters whatever faith she had in God. Her road to recovery is full of obstacles. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, she finds herself mixed up with a violent and controlling pimp. With the help of two unlikely people, a homeless man and a devoutly religious woman, Maya struggles to make a new life for herself.Maya's harsh experiences lead her to appreciate the true riches of life and love as she works towards healing her soul.

Directed By

Conrad Glover


Nicholl Jones, Rashawn Underdue, Jaime Velez, Sydney Chase, Raine Brown, Chyna Layne and Conrad Glover

About the Crew

  • Quality Inspirational Film
  • From the same director of direct-to dvd hits 'Wounded Hearts', and 'Bottom Out'
  • Starring Nicholl Jones from 'Bottom Out' featured on front cover.