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Memoirs of a Vixen

Own It June 06, 2023

Genre: Drama, Erotic

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5943, 824355594324


Dewayne's sexual fantasies begin to take a life of their own when he begins to push his wife into being a vixen. With his consent, she has multiple sexual partners. Dewayne knows his wife will do anything to satisfy her husband, for her chance at motherhood. Things begin to be more than either of them bargained for. Who is the pawn in this game of sexual gratification?

Produced By

Bobby M. Peoples & Renee Warren-Peoples

Directed By

Bobby M. Peoples, Renee Warren-Peoples


Madison Warren-Coombs, Jamald Gardner, John F. Thomas

About the Crew

  • Bobby Peoples is a producer, director, and writer known for Taboo (2016), Fixation (2018), Domestic Warfare (2020), and Dirty Little Secret (2022).
  • Madison Warren-Coombs is an actress known for Ladies Choice (2022), Secure the Bag 2 (2022), and Monogamish (2023).