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Mexican Sunrise

Own It March 04, 2014

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 93 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5456, 824355545623


MEXICAN SUNRISE is a gripping thriller that follows five friends on a south-of-the-border bachelor party. The night starts in typical bachelor form: booze, women and reckless behavior. Along the way something goes terribly wrong. Derek, one of the groom-to-be's friends' runs in to the local drug dealer, Paco. It turns out that Derek owes him some money so Paco decides to hold the bachelor hostage while he finds money to pay his debt. The party-going tale turns tragic when he comes up short and someone has to pay the price.

Directed By

Rowdy Stovall


Armand Assante, Jordan Belfi, William Gregory Lee, Reed Frerichs

About the Crew

  • Armand Assante has successfully portrayed a wide range of characters. From The Lord's of Flatbush (1974), to an army recruit in Private Benjamin (1980). He made a sensational team with Antonio Banderas in the film spectacular The Mambo Kings (1992). He was also impressive in the drama Hoffa (1992).
  • Best Feature Film award from Breckenridge Festival of Film
  • Best film award from World fest Ind Film Festival
  • Best film award from Bare Bones International Film Festival.
  • Audience award at the California Ind Film Festival.
  • Based on actual events.
  • Jordan Belfi - Known for his work on Surrogates (2009),and The Millionaire Tour (2012).
  • William Gregory Lee is an actor, known for Bitch Slap (2009).
  • Reed Frerichs is an actor and producer, known for Powder (1995) and Courage Under Fire (1996) and has been cast in many military type roles.