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Own It December 14, 2010

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 94 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5353, 824355535327


In an effort to break away from her mundane life, Stephanie sets her sights on seducing her handsome teacher, and finds that he has some stimulating secrets. Submission was the name of the game and Mr. Carling demands total control. But, soon their secret rendezvous go from lustful to a more dangerous place. Stephanie must choose if she is ready for the consequences of her misbehavior.

Directed By

Michel Zgarka


Cindel Chartrand, Andrew Avatis, Erna Erkat

About the Crew

  • Cindel Chartrand - Bikini Girls on Ice.
  • Dominique Remy Root - Stryker.
  • Michele Malone - Bikini Girls on Ice.