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Own It October 04, 2022

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 68 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5833, 824355583328


When tragedy hits, Rachel is left with more than regret, leaving her bound to a wheelchair and her best friend Sammy's brother Brian with a brain injury. Looking for a new outlook on life, Rachel finds comfort in a new home with more than she bargained for in the form of a fortune teller arcade game, offering her one wish. Will she succeed in bringing her friends back from a detrimental past or will it be misfortune for them all?

Produced By

Trevor Ford, Chris Davison

Directed By

Trevor Ford|Chris Davison


Porsche Zeraia, Christian Gibson, Lanisha Patterson

About the Crew

  • 360 Film Group was founded by Trevor Ford and Chris Davison. Trevor Ford was a well known music producer in Houston Texas. For over 20 years Trevor has produced many mainstream musicians thus switching lanes towards the film world. Trevor and Chris are known for Brick City (2019), Queen the Awakening (2020), and Purgatory (2021).
  • Porsche Zeraia is an actress and writer, known for Brick City (2019), CompleX, and Purgatory (2021).