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Mississippi Shakedown

Own It June 10, 2014

Genre: Action

Runtime: 96 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5465, 824355546521


Business deals in Mississippi are conducted through gun toting, double crossing strippers, who will do anything for money. Sip,(Mando Allen), a born hustler, leaves remains of those who cross The Sip Boyz. Things turn sour when they unknowingly steal from a Baton Rouge drug lord. Little do they know, the man sent Black,(Dewey Allen), a heartless hit man in for retribution. Mississippi Shakedown takes you into the shady underground world of drugs, money and women.

Produced By

Dewey Allen

Directed By

Dewey Allen


Mando Allen, Jennifer Hawkins, Tikoyo Brooks, Kibwe Jones

About the Crew

  • Depicts Urban life if Mississippi.
  • Stars the Allen Brotherz - Dewey and Mando Allen.