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Mojo Savage

Own It October 10, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 130 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6002, 824355600223


Sean is a talented hip hop artist in Dallas, Texas. After the tragic loss of his big brother, Sean's love of music is lost, and he wants justice for his brother. When a music competition presents an opportunity to change his fortune, Sean must now decide whether to let it pass, or step up, find his way back to the booth, and the person he was before the tragedy.

Produced By

DeMarcus Bailey, Kaegan Alazander Blaq

Directed By

Kaegan Alazander Blaq


Juise Leroy, Rakim Al Jabbaar, Brandon Medlock, Corey Pratt, Raquel Belt, Kris D'Sha

About the Crew

  • Kaegan Alazander Blaq is a producer, writer, and director known for Meet Da Fam (2018), Full Circle (2019), and The Drop Spot (2022).
  • Corey Pratt is an actor known for #Washed (2018-2020), Heavy (2021), and Mojo Savage (2023).
  • Kris D’Sha is an actress known for A True Christmas (2022), The Drop Spot (2022), Why Women Trip (2022), and The Forbidden Daughter (2023).
  • Raquel Belt is an actress known for Love & Drugs 1-3 (2018-2023), Older Man, Younger Woman (2023), and Knee Deep (2023).