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Music & Murder 2

Own It March 30, 2021

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 108 Minutes

UPC: 824355567120, MAV-5670


After Chastity is found, the women of Venom studios must put life back together and keep the studios running. While they attempt to keep the business running smoothly, the women discover a new threat in the form of a potential friend. Now they have to find out what really happened to Famous and find a way to keep Venom studios afloat.

Produced By

Lawanda Blakely, Greg Galloway

Directed By

Greg Galloway


Mike Rae Anderson, Artricia Rose, Johnna Jeong, Tony Scott, Supa Peach

About the Crew

  • Greg Galloway is a director and producer known for The Anatomy of Love (2010), The Substitute Spy (2019), and Addiction by Subtraction (2019).
  • Mike Rae Anderson is an actor and producer known for Shutter (2017), Crossbreed (2019), and Stolen Lilies (2020).
  • Johnna Jeong is an actress and composer, known for The Shadow Effect (2017), Music and Murder (2020) and The Deadly Welcoming (2019).
  • Supa Peach is a rapper with about 2 million Instagram followers and has made appearances in Jermaine Dupri’s Lifetime TV Series “The Rap Game” (2016), Groove Street (2018), and Music and Murder (2020).
  • Jennifer Ansari is an actress, known for Domestic Seduction (2017), Atonement (2018), and Famously Afraid (2019).