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Not a Victim

Own It August 29, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 74 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6005, 824355600520


After almost being trafficked by her father, Jim's ex-affiliates, May'gene returns home from rehab ready to heal in love. Chaos strikes once more, and Jim must fight to keep his family from falling apart.

Produced By

Jae Chanel, Joel Bender, Charles B. Unger

Directed By

Jae Chanel


Jae Chanel, Malachi Ross, Ernest Carter

About the Crew

  • Jae Chanel is the founder of Jae'Chanel Productions LLC. She is known for providing resources, empowering communities along producing creative theatre and film projects. Jae Chanel's development of her production company has allowed her to promote community-focused events, activities, and art projects, demonstrating skillful leadership to our future generation. The organization has also provided and funded resources for many local families in need, (i.e, food, clothing, housing, etc.) while engaging the community promoting various entertainment projects.