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On the Court

Own It April 18, 2017

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 116 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5529, 824355552928


Jordan, a mysterious figure who plays basketball by himself at night, decides to join a men's basketball league thanks to the encouragement of his new friend Kevin. Together with their new team of unskilled misfits, The Oranges, they embark in a city-wide tournament to win the goal. With fierce opponents like King Cain, the Bad Apples, and more, the Oranges will need to overcome obstacles on and off the court to become the best team they can be.

Produced By

Eduardo Castrillo, Elizabeth Castrillo

Directed By

Eduardo Castrillo


Sam Vegas, Mike Grayson, Tiny Lister, Jonathan Alexander Ryder, Anthony Wood

About the Crew

  • Eduardo Castrillo is a writer and producer, known for The Big Fight (2012), The Last Wolf of Ezo (2015) and Hunting Season (2016).
  • Tommy 'Tiny' Lister is a basketball player turned actor known for many projects including: Zootopia (2016), No Weapon Formed Against Us (2015), American Justice (2015), Dracula 3000 (2004), Next Friday (2000), and many more.
  • Michael Grayson is an actor known for Hunting Season (2016), The Shop (2014), and Hopes Identity (2013).
  • Sam Vegas is an actor, producer, and director known for Hunting Season (2016), Y Generation (2016), and The Lonesome (2014).