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Own It April 09, 2024

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 81 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6087, 824355608724


Two detectives, Hart and Johnson work alongside local hustler Tae & G. They have similar personalities, but work on opposite sides of the law. While working to take down HeavyHand, a local kingpin, Hart finds himself at the mercy of another known gangster, and find himself working with Tae & G to bring them down.

Produced By

King JBoi

Directed By

King JBoi


Jalen Moffitt, Amos Williams, Kenyatta Snipes, Lirelle Gardere

About the Crew

  • Music Artist, King JBoi, surfaced recently in 2019 on the music scene with his single titled, “Really Impressed.” After having made a name for himself in the streets of Memphis, where he was born and raised, he used his real-life experiences to influence his passion for the art of rap and hip-hop music. He founded an organization by the name of L.i.E (Loyalty is Everything) in 2006 and later founded King JBoi INC in 2020. Using the same principles and organizational values, he later evolved that organization into L.i.E. Entertainment in 2010, and currently operates under both umbrellas (L.i.E Entertainment & King JBoi INC). King JBoi also has various businesses and a 501c3 nonprofit for disadvantaged athletes in urban communities. Over the past several years, he has evolved tremendously, as he was castes for an acting role in 2021. This led to him developing his film and production company Hood Baby Films. He's known for films, Hood Baby (2023) and Innocent Shots (2024).
  • Lirelle Gardere is an actress known for Pinch (2020), Worth the Risk (2021), and Post Grad: The Series (2022).
  • Jalen Moffitt is an actor known for Out of Bounds (2020), Down Bad (2021), and Hood Baby (2023).