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Own It October 20, 2020

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5651, 824355565126


Jacob and Mia Patterson have a seemingly perfect life. Good jobs, a healthy relationship, and financial freedom until one decision makes them question everything that's happened between them. With his job crumbling around him and his brothers questioning some of his financial moves, Jacob sets off on a dangerous path with a mysterious woman who is determined to plant herself directly in the middle of his life. The grass is not always greener in Paradise.

Produced By

Tai Anderson

Directed By

Rodney Jackson


Tavares M. Wilson, Tai Anderson, Travis Cure, Alyvia Bush

About the Crew

  • Rodney Jackson is a director and actor known for Flesh (2017), Greed: Heavy is the Hand (2018), The 30 Day Rule (2018), and Lock & Key (2019).
  • Tavares M. Wilson is a writer and actor known for Flesh (2017), The 30 Day Rule (2018), Distorted (2018), and King of Kings (2019).
  • Tai Anderson is actress known for Demented Love (2016), Crossing Thresholds (2017), and Distored (2018).
  • Travis Cure is an actor known for A Family Betrayel (2018), Deadly Sexy (2018), and The Oval (2019-2020).