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Pastor Jones: Help Save My Daughter

Own It May 08, 2007

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 96 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5242, 824355524222


In this sequel to inspirational video hit, PASTOR JONES, we meet Noelle (Eurika Pratts), a 16 year-old girl wrestling with many difficult choices, while at the same time battling with her mother's live-in boyfriend she cannot help but distrust. When her mother (Shamika Ann Franklin) realizes her daughter is in crisis, she turns to both God and Pastor Jones (Jean Claude La Marre). Meanwhile, her confused daughter gets caught in a web of lies, deceit, betrayal and compounding family issues. After receiving proper guidance from the honorable Pastor Jones, Noelle finally finds peace through her church involvement, and the strength to make righteous life-changing decisions.

Directed By

Jean Claude La Marre


Eurika Pratts, Shamika Ann Franklin, Selma Pinkard, Jean Claude La Marre

About the Crew

  • From the Director who Brought you and stars in, Pastor Jones, Jean Claude LaMarre (Nora's Hair Salon, Gang of Roses, Color of the Cross)

    • Pastor Jones was a HIT on DVD and now watch the Compelling Sequel, Pastor Jones: Help Save My Daughter!