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Pastor Jones

Own It November 01, 2005

Genre: Gospel

Runtime: 94 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5157, 824355515725


Regina is in an abusive marriage and her best friend is sleeping with her husband (Tyron Carlson). After attending Pastor Jones' sermon and speaking with him, she gets the courage to put her faith in God and leave home. With no place to live and no job, Pastor Jones, recently widowed, gives Regina a job and a room in his house. Gossip flies in the church and her angry husband, Tyron, seeks revenge. Remarkably, Pastor Jones touches Tryon in a sermon on TV. Down in the gutter and lost without his wife, he seeks help from the church, through prayers; he is guided back to a happy marriage. At the same time, Regina learns to stand up for herself. Pastor Jones guides this couple and his church to happiness.

Directed By

Jean Claude LaMarre


Jean Claude LaMarre, Doreen Gakwandi, Larry "Flash" Jenkins, Malik Barnhart, Tricia Daye, Cecilia Peniston

About the Crew

  • Urban Gospel film appeal to Christian market.
  • Quality film delivering a message.