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The Perfect Wife 2

Own It November 22, 2022

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 89 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5842, 824355584226


Recently widowed Allan Williams meets fellow Houstonian Erica Bryant. She quickly sweeps him off his feet with her sexual prowess and marries him shortly after. Slowly he finds out that she isn't all that she seems to be and have more in common than he originally thought. Can he make it out this marriage alive before it's too late?

Produced By

Jonathan Milton

Directed By

Jonathan Milton


Mikayla Gongara, Marvin Young, Brandy Specks

About the Crew

  • Jonathan Milton is a director and producer known for The Foreign Exchange Student (2018), The Perfect Wife (2019), Behind Closed Doors (2020) and 3 Way (2021).
  • Marvin Young is an actor known for My Biggest Fan (2022), Deception (2022), and Weekend Getaway (2022).