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Own It December 05, 2023

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 87 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6019, 824355601923


A big time drug dealer and his fashion model girlfriend are ready to settle down and get married. However, he falls to temptation with a woman who could crush everything he has built.

Produced By

Robert L. Parker III, Criminal Mane

Directed By

Robert L Parker III


Crim Mane, Lataska Hinton, Kerri Perry, DeMaris Harvey, Desiree Robinson

About the Crew

  • Criminal Mane is a rapper from Memphis and he is a member of The Project Playaz. He's been making music since 1993 and recently crossed over into film. He's known for films such as Da Neighborhood Dopemane (2023), Played (2023), and Toxic Affair (2023).
  • Kerry Perry is an actor known for Deceptive Intentions (2020), Lot Lizards (2022), and Sweet Revenge (2022).