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Box Art for Princess of the Trap House

Princess of the Trap House

Own It August 27, 2024

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 80 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6148, 824355614824


When a local drug dealer is arrested and put in jail, he asks his daughter Diamond to run his operation. Diamond takes control of the empire, however it doesn't sit well with members of the crew. Diamond gets word, from her trusted sources, that two members of the crew are plotting to overthrow her Father's drug empire. Diamond must get rid of the two disloyal members of the crew before they take control of the operation.

Produced By

Jeff Profitt

Directed By

Jeff Profitt


Sabea Darling, Michael Everett Johnson, Deshawn Long, Carlyle A. Stokes Jr., Brandon Mazzaferro, Jeff Profitt

About the Crew

  • Jeff Profitt is an actor, director, and producer known for Queen of the Trap House (2021), Deceitful Tendencies (2022), Getting to the Plug (2023), and Killer Baby Mama (2023).
  • Deshawn Long is an actor known for Queen of the Trap House 2 (2022), Getting to the Plug (2023), Dope Girls (2023), and Choppa City Queens (2023).