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Promiscuously Toxic

Own It April 23, 2024

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 107 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6107, 824355610727


Marcus had everything he wanted, money , freedom, a beautiful woman, but he had one problem: He just couldn't be faithful. In his past, he had trouble with being with just one woman, until a wonderful woman came in and changed his life, but the thing with Karma, is that it has no heart.

Produced By

DeMarcus Bailey

Directed By

A.D Scott


Draper Wynston, Raquel Belt, Corey Pratt, Sasha Love, Quibella Jarvis

About the Crew

  • DeMarcus Bailey is a director, writer, and producer known for Love & Drugs (2018), Heavy (2021), Christmas on my Block (2021), and Poison Candy (2022).
  • Draper Wynston is an actor known for Love & Drugs 2 (2020), Lovers Revenge (2020), Why Women Trip (2022), and Forbidden Daughter (2023).
  • Corey Pratt is an actor known for #Washed (2018-220), Heavy (2021), Mojo Savage (2023), and Kingsmen (2023).