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Rent or Buy Now Box Art for Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre

Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre

Own It December 05, 2006

Genre: Action

Runtime: 89 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5216, 8-24355-52162-7


In the year 2020, the Earth has become a barren rock from radioactive devastation. Protected by the Galactic Marine Infantry, (GMI), the remaining human race, struggling for survival on a distant star, is terrorized by the evil Ma'har alien race. While on a reconnaissance mission in the Caprini system, Sergeant Sharp and his GMI soldiers discover the Ma'hars hidden laboratory where they've been creating a horrific breed of terrorists. The aliens' new bio-weapons are reproductions of mankind's mythical creatures - zombies, werewolves, vampires…

Sergeant Sharp and his elite squad find themselves in an action-packed battle with the bloodthirsty monster assassins. But, the greatest danger of all may be from a former GMI soldier with a grudge, who now works for the deadly Ma'hars. This science fiction thriller delivers an edge-of-your-seat adventure loaded with explosive battles, exciting special effects and bizarre alien creatures!

Directed By

Christian Viel


Anderson Bradshaw, Kevin Kelsall, Patrick Sabongui, Gillian Leigh, Valerie Wiseman, Johnny Goar

About the Crew

• Awarded The Best Sci-Fi/Action Movie by the SCI-FI-LONDON FILM FESTIVAL 2005


• “Keep an eye on this director. . . , he's proved he can take a familiar genre, flip its clichs on their ear and turn out one heck of a fun film.” -The Hitman, HorrorTalk.Com


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